Membership: it is required that sailors become members of LHYC to participate in the Youth Program. Becoming a member of LHYC means that households have a voice through voting rights at bi-annual meetings. The guidelines for membership are as follows:

Youth sailors must enroll in a Household Membership which is open to one or more individuals in the same household who are interested in the sport of sailing (includes adults and their children who are living in the same household). Membership is valid for one calendar year. Household membership carries with it the privilege of one vote at membership meetings, which shall be cast by any adult member of the household. To participate in the Youth Program, the member must also enroll in the youth sailing option which carries an additional program fee.

Prior experience: It is strongly recommended that youth members have at least beginning sailing expertise either from classes or through on the water experience at camps, a family cabin, or other means.

Trial period: for first time members, a three week trial period is offered to give sailors a chance to experience the program before committing to membership.

Scholarships: The Minneapolis public school’s reduced and free lunch guideline is used to determine eligibility to receive free LHYC and youth program membership. Parents may ask for a waiver to the guideline by special request. A limited number of scholarships are available each year based on program financial and capacity limitations. 


Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the LHYC member page
  2. Select either "Base Rate + 1" Youth Sailing Fee for one child or "Base Rate + 2" for two or more children
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Enter your personal info, answer "yes" to "are you going to participate in the youth program", select "Youth" for emails, and select membership type as "Adult"
  5. Click on "confirm"
  6. Pay online
  7. Log into your account and click on "profile"
  8. Click on the "Add member" button to add your children (membership type as "youth") as additional members.

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